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Hi All...

Life getting busier but I can't believe that I really enjoy my life now. Become a full time housewife and a freelance designer, I 'm living my life to it's fullest.

Clipart Watercolor Blotches

Clipart Watercolor Love Heart Shapes

Clipart Watercolor Green Vegetables

You can find many awesome Watercolor Clipart by me at my Etsy Shop here . For those who loves clipart and always want them for your art projects, I wish you guys love them all. Please support me and I will be very thankful.

Get Your Yellow #3Kats Purse

Cute Yellow 3Kats Purse for you to grab
Can customized the text or Name
RM 45 /bag

Tote On Zazzle - 3Cats

You can get these beautiful tote bag with FFB's Design (3 Cats) in our Zazzle's Store
Price: USD 14.95

Custom Tote Bag

Custom Tote Bag for sweet lady name Wawa
RM 45 / Bag 
5 Working Days 

WhatsApp 019-400 6054 Aspen for Inquiry